Joint pain is very common. Most all of us experience pain in our knees, elbows, or wrists at some point in life, but it should not be a burden you have to chronically suffer from. If your joint pain starts interfering with your daily life activities or limits your function, it’s time to address it. Come see Dr. DeCaria at Revitalize Medical Center at our Glenview or Evanston location!

What Kind of Joint Pain Does Dr. DeCaria Treat?

Patients come to see Dr. DeCaria to address joint pain caused by a variety of different sources. At Revitalize Medical Center, a pain clinic in Glenview and Evanston, IL, Dr. DeCaria treats joint pain throughout the entire body, which includes but is not limited to the wrist, knee, elbow, and hips. Whether it’s a motor vehicle accident or sport injury, Dr. DeCaria is an expert in identifying the root cause of your pain and collaborating with her patients to create a care plan specifically designed for your needs.

What Treatment Options are Available for Joint Pain?

Dr. DeCaria will help you decide the treatment option that is best for your personal circumstances. Some of these treatment options include: PRP injections (Platelet-Rich-Plasma), Stem Cell Therapy, radiofrequency ablations (Coolief ® Watercooled Ablation), and corticosteroid injections.

Are There any Non-Surgical Treatment Methods Available for My Joint Pain?

After a thorough review of previous imaging such as MRI’s, your medical history, and lifestyle, Dr. DeCaria will help you determine the source of your joint pain and then determine the best treatment option for you. This may include medical foods, medications, a corticosteroid injection, regenerative medicine therapies, supplements, ablations, physical therapy, or more.

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