Overuse of tendons in the elbow can lead to scarring and calcium build-up, ultimately resulting in joint pain. This condition is commonly referred to as tennis or golfer’s elbow. Dr. DeCaria provides an extensive variety of minimally invasive treatment options for elbow pain at her integrated pain management clinic in Glenview and Evanston.

What Causes My Elbow Pain?

Depending on which side of the elbow is affected, overuse of the tendons can lead to lateral or medial epicondylitis. There are a variety of different causes, such as excessive typing at the computer, different sport activities, or trauma induced by a motor vehicle accident.

How Can Dr. DeCaria Treat My Elbow Pain?

Acute elbow pain caused by trauma can often resolve itself with conservative treatment in the form of rest, stretching, or over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication. If your elbow pain continues to persist, then it is time to see a pain doctor such as Dr. DeCaria. The more the scarring or inflammation progresses, the more it is likely to debilitate your daily activities. Pain is far easier to treat earlier in its course! Dr. DeCaria will discuss your elbow pain history with you in depth to design the most effective treatment plan for you and your lifestyle. After determining the best course of action, she may suggest a variety of different options to alleviate your elbow pain, such as various steroid injections, PRP (platelet-rich-plasma) injections, Stem Cell Therapy, and more. Schedule your appointment with us today at our Revitalize Medical Center, an interventional pain management clinic dedicated to improving the quality of life for elbow pain patients across the greater Chicagoland area!

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