Common Causes Of Neck Pain

Having neck pain can be a really frustrating experience. Those who experience neck pain know that it can disrupt daily activities and make our usual activities a burden. Neck pain is any pain in or around the cervical spine, the area beneath the head. Neck pain can be a common indicator of other medical conditions. Dr. DeCaria has effectively treated neck pain from many different conditions through her unique approach that utilizes conventional medicine, as well as integrative and functional medicine. We offer injections, nerve blocks, acupuncture, regenerative medicine, Botox, and other treatments for chronic neck pain.

Common Causes of Neck Pain

Although the neck consists of strong ligaments and muscles, it carries a lot of responsibility. It supports the head, which is a lot of weight for such small bones and soft tissue. Therefore, the neck can be easily strained or damaged. The first step in fighting your neck pain is to identify the root cause of it. Below are the most common causes of neck pain, however it is important to speak with a physician to pinpoint what is causing your specific neck pain:

  1. Poor posture is a common cause of neck pain, especially in an age where we frequently hunch over our computer desks or phones. This subjects your neck to unnatural positions, ultimately resulting in a loss of mobility, pain, and inflammation.
  2. Muscle Tension: When we are stressed, our sympathetic nervous system is activated, and we contract our muscles, hunch forward, and tighten our necks. Studies have shown that when we are anxious or angry, we increase tension in our back.
  3. “Tech Neck” is very common these days, relating to our posture. Especially recently, a lot of us are constantly scrolling on our phones or other forms of technology, often for extended periods of time, which causes extreme strain in our necks. When holding your phone, hold it out in front of you at eye level and not down in your lap. Try to keep your neck in a neutral position. 
  4. Awkward sleeping positions can lead to pain throughout the day if you do not adjust appropriately. It is best to sleep with a pillow that allows you to lay as flat as possible. If using a contour pillow, it is best to put your head on the thinner side which will help alleviate potential tension to your neck or spine.  
  5. Injuries relating to sports or a motor vehicle accident are also common causes of neck pain. Any falls, sports injuries, or even clumsy movements can cause acute neck pain. Whiplash in auto accidents, where, upon impact, your neck violently snaps forward and down and then back again, can also ​​cause the structures of the neck to tighten.
  6. Structural issues can also cause chronic neck pain. This includes pinched nerves in the cervical spine, soft tissue damage due to strain in the neck muscles or tendons, herniated cervical discs, fractures, cervical spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, or osteoporosis. With age, structures may deteriorate and lead to these issues as well. Each of these conditions may cause different types of pain. Some may cause numbness or tingling and can spread down the arms or radiate into the head and upper back. 

After a comprehensive review of your symptoms, scans, and pain experiences, Dr. DeCaria will utilize her extensive training and expertise in pain management to identify the precise cause of your neck pain. We offer a variety of treaments for neck pain, including Botox injections, nerve blocks, epidural injections, steroid shots, and more. She works with patients one-on-one to collectively design the best treatment plan for their individual circumstances. Come visit the Revitalize Medical Center at either our Glenview, IL or Evanston, IL clinic today!


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