Common Causes of Knee Pain

While most of us experience knee pain at some point throughout our lives, it should not be an added burden to live with. Unfortunately, knee pain is very common, especially as we get older, and could come from numerous underlying reasons. Dr. DeCaria, an anesthesiologist and pain physician in Evanston, IL and Glenview, IL has effectively treated knee pain from many different conditions through her unique approach that utilizes conventional medicine, as well as integrative and functional medicine.

Common Causes of Knee Pain

The first step in fighting your knee pain is to identify the root cause of it. Below are the most common causes of knee pain, however it is important to speak with a professional to pinpoint what is causing your specific knee pain:

Knee Pain

  1. Osteoarthritis affects many people and can impact different parts of the body, including the knee. Simply put, in osteoarthritic knees the knee cartilage is rapidly wearing away. In osteoarthritic bones, the cartilage which provides cushioning for the joint begins to deteriorate which in turn causes the bones to rub against each other with each movement taken, rather than against a cushion. This leads to bone-on-bone movement which can be very painful and lead to stiffness. You may notice that you begin to limp with each step you take because of this nagging knee pain.
  2. Aging naturally causes a “wear and tear” effect on our bodies, especially the parts we use often. Our knees take immense amounts of pressure with each step we take. We take hundreds of thousands of steps everyday from the day we learn to walk. Oftentimes, we put about one and a half times our body weight worth of pressure on our knees with each of these steps. This pressure, over time, takes a huge toll on our muscles, ligaments, bones, and cartilage in this genicular (knee) area.
  3. Injuries are a common source of pain, especially in the knee. These may cause immediate or delayed knee swelling. There are many ligaments, tendons, and muscles surrounding the knee which increases the chances of injury.
  4. Overuse or Repeated Stress can cause knee pain, since our knees take a lot of the pressure and impact of our movements, such as walking, jumping, running, or bending down. This may develop over days, or even weeks. Overuse of a knee tendon, the patellar tendon, can lead to what’s known as “jumper’s knee” which often occurs with sports or activities like cycling, running, or basketball. Jumper’s knee is tendonitis, or inflammation of the tendon, in the patellar tendon, which can be a painful experience for most.

Dr. DeCaria, board certified pain doctor, is an expert in identifying the root cause of your knee pain and collaborating with patients to create a treatment plan specifically designed for their needs that provides relief. She will discuss your symptoms and experiences with you, review your diagnostic tests (X-rays, MRIs, etc.), and do a full evaluation before discussing and creating  your unique plan with you.  For knee pain, we use a variety of treatments, including steroid injections, regenerative medicine, gel (viscosupplementation) injections, and Cooliefwatercooled genicular ablation. Everyone’s knee pain is different and a care plan is made according to your lifestyle and needs. Call Revitalize Medical Center to book your appointment in Glenview, IL or Evanston, IL with Dr. DeCaria today and put an end to your knee pain!


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